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Seasonal outlook for June, July and August 2018

The images below show seasonal outlooks for June to August 2018, for temperature and precipitation.

Temperature JJA18 seasonal outlook: there is probability of at least 50% or more that the temperature will be above normal in the Alaskan region and in the Canadian Arctic. Over Island and Greenland there is also at least 50% probabilities for the above normal temperature.
Over the European Arctic there at least 40% chance for the above normal summer in the southern and central Norway while in the northern Norway, Sweden and in Finland there is at least 50% chance for the above normal summer. We expect a probability of at least 50% for above average temperatures in the eastern and central Russian Arctic. In the most eastern part of Russia, near the region of Bering straight we expect somewhat higher probabilities of at least 60-70%.Source: https://www.wmolc.org/.

Precipitation JJA18 seasonal outlook: there is a probability of 40% or more for above average precipitation over Alaska, western Canada and easternmost parts of Russia. There is also a 40% chance for above normal precipitation over the Canadian archipelago and northern Norway and Sweden. Below than normal precipitation is expected over the gulf of Bothnia with a probability of at least 40%. Otherwise, there is an equal chances for above, below or near normal precipitation over the Arctic belt. Source: https://www.wmolc.org/.