Weather and Climate Change Impact Research Unit of the Finnish Meteorological Institute works towards improving climate change adaptation and weather and climate risk assessments. We focus on weather extremes and their impacts, as well occurrence, variability, predictability and change. We also promote uptake and use of the weekly to monthly forecasts for the public by tailoring the ECMWF extended range forecasts for the public. Climate Change Communication is promoted by our Climateguide. Our work strongly supports the development of the climate services of FMI and of the Arctic Regional Climate Centre of WMO.


seasonal mean temperatures

Seasonal mean temperatures with decadal averages as grey boxes. The middle grey line corresponds to median value and the boxes to 90% and 50% probability limits from a local regression smoother [Mikkonen, et al. 2015] (Figure by M.Laine/FMI).


References: Mikkonen, S., Laine, M., Mäkelä, H. M., Gregow, H., Tuomenvirta, H., Lahtinen, M. & Laaksonen, A. 2015. Trends in the average temperature in Finland, 1847–2013. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment.